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Michael Smorenburg

Michael Smorenburg (b. 1964) grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. An entrepreneur with a passion for marketing, in 1995 Michael moved to California where he founded a business consultancy and online media and marketing engine In 2003 he returned to South Africa.

Michael’s published works include: Business Buyer’s Kit (Career Press, 1997), The Everything Sailing Book (Adams Media, 1998), The Everything Sailing Book – Part 2 (Adams Media, 1999).

Michael is represented in non-fiction by Keller Media of Malibu, California. Michael’s greatest interest is the ocean, keeping up with the latest breakthroughs in science, understanding the cosmos.

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The SKA at Carnarvon – A Trojan Affair

Book review


Dara Singh is seventeen. Gregarious and with an Oxford accent, he carries the dark Indian skin and fine features of his evolutionary psychologist father. He is dangerously innocent to the fundamentalism and dogma of the predicament he’s suddenly thrust into.

His American astrophysicist mother, Marsha, has taken on a contract to help build the SKA, the $2.5-Billion Square Kilometer Array radio telescope network.

This sees the family relocate to the dusty desert town of Carnarvon in South Africa’s arid Northern Cape. It delivers Dara into the heartland of a staunchly conservative culture.
Next year he’s off to finish school in the city, but with 3 months to kill, he’s made the fateful decision to seek new friends by enrolling at the local school. Alas,

The Dominee, the town’s preacher, considers the SKA a direct challenge to Genesis.
Better yet, only the preacher knows that an Evangelic group from America’s Bible Belt has secretly offered to bankroll his struggle, and the cantankerous old man is already well advanced in mounting a renegade resistance against the vast scientific infrastructure.

On sight, in Dara, the SKA now has a face for the preacher—a dark dark foreign face.
Neels, the preacher’s youth leader and school bully, targets Dara, not just to exact revenge for the town’s anguish, but because his pretty girlfriend, Sonja, moves to protect the outsider… an action that will bring scorn from her father if he finds out her alliances may be suspect…

And so unfolds a cascade of intrigue, agendas and unusual alliances.

If you read my Book Review of The S.K.A at Carnarvon, you will be aware that, although I utterly loved the book, I found the argument between the religious folk and the scientists too one sided, more inclined towards the science rather than the religious. If you’ve read the book, you might know that the debate was excluded from the book but Michael Smorenburg has made it available on the S.K.A website: Removed Chapter 38a & 38b

Share your thoughts on the debate if you’ve had the opportunity to read the book, or heard the debate elsewhere.

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