Nthato Morakabi.jpgSouth African born author working as a Junior Technical Writer for Everlytic and a freelance writer for Gamecca Magazine. His main focus at Gamecca is running the Independent Game Developer interviews, and writing up game Reviews and Previews. Occasionally does book reviews too.

He is a hobbyist blogger, writer of short stories, and aspiring digital artist.


Two of his short stories have been published in International anthologies available on Amazon. Dark Tales features Nthato’s 2nd person narrative, The Taxi Driver; a South African tale on witchcraft. Dead Connections features another South African based story, The Salesman, telling the story of a Sandton woman who is approached by a mysterious salesman with a unique sale.

Dark Tales || Dead Connections

A couple of stories were published by local South African publisher, Chasing Dreams Publishing, in an anthology featuring four other talented Johannesburg based authors. This anthology is available for free:

Jozi Flash ePub || .mobi  || PDF Format

Nthato is also a Patreon creator, working on publishing two of his own anthologies. One will be a collection of short stories that were requests from patrons, the second will be his own collection of poems, short stories and more. If you would like to contribute as a Patron, please either use the button on the right, or visit his page here:


He hopes to one day publish his own novel.


As an avid reader, Nthato spends his non-writing days reading. Growing up on R.L Stine, upgrading to Stephen King, Clive Barker, Dean Koontz, James Herbert and others, his reading interests border on the strange. His favourite genre’s include fantasy (dark, urban or otherwise), horror, sci-fi, thriller, action-adventure – or anything that pulls him out of the real world and into a fantastical world of “what if”. Occasionally reads other genres if the plot is interesting.

If you are an author and would like to send an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) for an honest review, please use the contact form above. The Book Review Policy outlines the basics, if you have any other questions, feel free to contact admin (at) nthatomorakabi.com.


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