Gamecca Indie Developer Interviews

Every month I speak to a number of local and international Independent Game Developers about the indie industry, their roles as developers, and what we can expect from them. Below is a list of all the developers as well as their interviews in the respective Gamecca Magazine issues:


Studio: Red Thread Games

Game: Dreamfall Chapters

Additional Details: PC/PS4 Xbox One, 21 Oct 2015

Interviewee: Quintin Pan

Location: South Africa/ Dev in Oslo, Norway

Magazine Appearance: Vol 7 Issue 73: July 2015


Studio: Unfinished Pixel

Game: Spy Chameleon

Interviewee: Marcos Torrecillas

Location: Barcelona. Ex-Ubisoft


Studio: Italic Pig

Game:  Schrödinger’s Cat

Interviewee: Kevin Beimer

Location: Northern Ireland


Studio: Rogue Moon Studios

Game: System Crash

Interviewee: Gareth Fouche

Location: South Africaa


Studio: Double Bomb

Game: All Things Go Boom

Interviewee: David Beshero

Location: ?


Studio: Don’t Believe The Tales

Game: Don’t Believe The Tales

Interviewee: Nikita Nel and Kaylin Sham

Location: South Africa


Studio: Aurora44

Game: Ashen

Interviewee: Derek Bradley

Location: South Africa/ Wellington, New Zealand