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Peter V. Brett

The Demon Cycle

The Painted Man The Desert Spear The Daylight War The Skull Throne

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Alex Grecian

Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad

The Yard The Devils Workshop The Black Country The Harvest Man

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Gregg Hurwitz

Tim Rackley Series

Kill Clause the-program Trouble Shooter Last Shot

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Stephen King

The Bill Hodges Trilogy

Mr Mercedes finders-keepers-stephen-king End Of Watch

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Other works

dolores    stephen-king-revival

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Ransom Riggs

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Miss Peregrine - Home for Peculiar Children Miss Peregrine - Hollow City Miss Peregrine - Library of Souls

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James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton

Endgame Series

EndGame-Final-Cover-Art  Sky Key by James Frey - An Endgame Novel  

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Erin Morgensten

The Night Circus

The Night Circus

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Robert Gregory Browne

Whisper In The Dark

Whisper In The Dark

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 Peter James

Sweet Heart

Sweet Heart

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Ted Dekker



Ernest Cline

Ready Player One


 Natasha Pulley

The Watchmaker of Filigree Street


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Catherine Chanter

The Well

The Well

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Belinda Bauer



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Chris Sharp

Cold Counsel

Boyznite – Xane J. Fisher | A Space Between Worlds – J.D. Woodson

front-boyznite aspacebetweenworlds-cover


Tales Anthologies


International Author Requested Reviews

Whisky Wilson

The Erden Archives

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David Meredith

The Reflections of Queen Snow White

The Reflections of Queen Snow White

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Warren Hately



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Sukanya Venkatraghavan

Dark Things

Dark Things

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Vanessa Hawkins



Rainbow Rowell

Vanessa Fogg

The Lillies of Dawn


J.B Chisholm

Vasa and Ypres: A Mayfair Conundrum


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South African Authors

Charlie Human

Apocalypse Now Now / Kill Baxter

Charlie Human - Apocalypse Now Now Charlie Human - Kill Baxter

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Angela Meadon

Strong Medicine

Strong Medicine

Read: 1 of 1 (possible second!)

Michael Smorenburg


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JT Lawrence

Sticky Fingers

Stick Fingers - JT Lawrence    

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Ian Patrick

Plain Dealing

Plain Dealing - Ian Patrick

Jennifer Withers Novels

The War Between


Mary Ann D’Alto Novels

He Counts Their Tears